Kathy’s shocked when Ian unexpectedly returns from his visit to see Peter in New Zealand. She hasn’t had the chance to tell him about Masood selling his own samosas at the chippy. Kathy quickly finds Masood to warn him about Ian’s return. But before they can come up with a plan to hoodwink Ian, he finds out about the samosas from Kim and he storms over to have it out with them! Masood stands up to an angry Ian and quits over Ian’s attitude.

Keegan’s dad Mitch mysteriously arrives in the Square and sets about trying to track down Karen. It’s Keanu’s first day at the Arches and he’s thrown when Mitch makes a sudden appearance, asking for his car to be fixed.

Suspicious about why Mitch has turned up, he tries to get rid of him, and refuses to tell Mitch where Karen and Keegan are living. Keanu agrees to fix Mitch’s car, but forgets to take payment for it. Keanu is horrified when Mitch turns up at the Taylor house to pay for the work and Keanu ends up punching him! Hearing the commotion, Karen and Keegan come out and are stunned to find Mitch.

Also, Ted challenges Bernie to play a game of chess with Patrick as an opponent but Patrick has other things on his mind – a woman from Trinidad that he’s been talking to online.