Peggy rallies the family to combat Ian and their debt. The Mitchells have organised a Christmas lunch in the community hall to raise funds. Aunt Sal turns up and leads the diners in a revolt when the dinner is late. Sal finds out about the Mitchells money problems and to keep the diners quiet she entertains them with a fire-eating display!

Meanwhile, Janine rejects Ian’s offer of cash in return for her silence about their night of passion and insists she wants the Mitchell loan. Ian realises that Janine is in cahoots with Archie. Ben visits Ian and makes him promise to give the Mitchells an extension in return for the money from the Christmas lunch. Ian feels guilty when he betrays Ben and sells the loan to Archie.

Amira visits her father Qadim (Ramon Tikaram) in prison. Qadim is furious when Amira reveals that she is back with Syed and they’re getting married on New Year’s Day. Qadim refuses to give Amira his blessing and tells Amira that he doesn’t trust Syed.

Also, Whitney gets a visit from Todd; Charlie forces Mo to direct the nativity play; Aunt Sal guesses Ronnie is pregnant and lets slip to the delighted Mitchells.

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