Ian breaks the news of Lucy’s death

Ian tries to take in what the police are telling him as they reveal that it seems Lucy was the victim of a random mugging. Insisting on seeing his daughter, despite advice for the police to take his time, Ian heads to the morgue, breaking down when he’s shown Lucy’s body. In the Square, Jane and Denise learn that Ian had a visit from the police and learn the awful news when Ian returns from the morgue. As Ian collapses, Jane and Denise carry him inside.

Overcome with grief, Jane goes to get Bobby and Cindy so Ian can tell them what’s happened. Leaving Bobby and Cindy in tears, Ian has the terrible task of telling Peter he’s lost his sister. Bringing a worried Peter home from The Vic, Ian tells Peter that Lucy is dead. Unable to deal with the shock, Peter collapses to his knees in grief.

There’s excitement in the Carter household when Lady Di goes into labour. The family are useless, but Shirley steps in to help deliver the puppies. When one puppy seems to be struggling, Phil surprisingly steps in to save it. Aunt Babe spots Phil’s chemistry with Shirley. In the bar, the punters toast to each puppy’s arrival!