Ian holds a meeting in an attempt to get the residents to stop boycotting his businesses. When it’s clear the meeting isn’t going well, Kathy meets up with Buster and reveals that Ian has big overheads as he has to meet Bobby’s boarding school fees. When Buster tells the residents the truth, Kathy is horrified. After Kathy confronts Buster, the tension builds between the pair and they share a kiss!

Ronnie and Glenda are shocked when Roxy turns up. After realising that Roxy’s problems are drug related, Ronnie offers to give Roxy the money she owes so that she doesn’t have to leave the country. When Ronnie brings Amy to see Roxy, she’s stunned when Roxy chooses to take the money over staying with her daughter.

Suspicious of Glenda’s motivations, Roxy questions why she really wants to be back in Ronnie’s life. When Glenda takes the bait after Roxy offers her money to keep away from the Square, Ronnie finds herself alone yet again.

Kyle and Martin struggle to sell the stolen toilets. It seems that their actions could get them in big trouble, after Jack reveals he’s reported the robbery to the police.

Meanwhile, Pam insists that Les continue to pay his blackmailer to keep Christine a secret.