Ian feels forced to help Mandy escape the bouncers who are running after her and he reluctantly drives Mandy back to the Square. They’ve been followed by one guy, Paul, who reveals Mandy stole five grand from the club. Mandy does a runner. Ian tries to find her, but gets himself arrested for soliciting when he offers an undercover cop money to help him find Mandy. Ian finds Mandy in his house on his return and he agrees to let her stay.

Whitney and Lauren challenge Tyler and Anthony to a poker game. Tyler and Anthony panic as their cards are not looking good. Anthony thinks the girls are bluffing and convinces Tyler to go all in, but Whitney wins the lot! Tyler charms Whitney into buying him a drink. But Anthony sabotages Tyler’s seduction and Whitney makes a quick exit!

Vanessa asks Harry to pay for Jodie’s wedding. Harry agrees, but only if Vanessa is banned. Jodie is upset and Darren reassures Jodie that he’s getting a raise so they don’t need Harry’s money. Darren is crestfallen later when Jack calls him to tell him about his wage increase and it’s not as much as he’d hoped for.

Also, Jean mistakenly thinks Norman has asked her on a date.