Peter and Lucy decide to help Ian more with the restaurant after discovering his court date is coming up soon. When Ian feels guilty to learn how badly the Brannings are struggling without Max, an unsuspecting Peter tells Ian not to blame himself. After a visit from Carl, who warns Ian to stick to his false witness statement, Ian loses it with the restaurant diners. Bundled into the kitchen by Peter, Ian admits that his statement against Max is a lie…

Whitney is upset when she’s suspended after Dennis’s claim that he pushed her. Ava sides with Whitney, but is not impressed to find Whitney shouting the odds at Sharon. Thinking she’s blown it now that social services and the police are involved, Whitney turns to David for help. Tiff secretly calls Carol and asks her to come home.

Alice is talked into letting Michael sneak into Janine’s while she’s out so he can see Scarlett. When Janine decides to work from home instead, Alice panics as Michael arrives, but he escapes unseen. When Janine later goes out, Alice calls Michael and they spend a pleasant ‘family’ afternoon together. Finding Janine’s credit card, Michael uses it to order some sedatives, taking care for Alice not to catch him.