Ian cracks up at Lucy’s press conference

The day of the press conference, Ian begs Mick to keep Linda quiet. As Ian and Peter go into the conference, Sharon, Phil, Denise and Lola have to wait in a separate room. Joining Ian when he struggles seeing CCTV footage of Lucy on a bus the night she died, they’re outraged when a journalist questions Ian about his relationship with Lucy, and her drug use. Surprised that Keeble allowed the questions, Phil realises Keeble is suspicious of Ian, hoping he’d talk. Phil confronts Ian to ask him what he’s hiding…

Mick is frustrated when Linda’s reluctant to keep quiet about Ian, getting Stan to ask Cora to take back her accusations. Pointing out to Linda how she’d feel if Nancy had been murdered, Mick eventually persuades Linda not to say anything. As Stan questions Cora, he realises she knows the prostitute. Fearing Stan’s close to the truth, Mick throws him off the scent by lying that he paid to sleep with someone.

Cora almost phones Rainie, but bails at the last moment. Meanwhile, Lauren attends the press appeal to lend her support to Peter, riling Lola, who tells her to leave. Confused about her feelings for Peter, Lauren talks to Whitney, who tells her she needs to move on.