Ian faces a moral dilemma

Ian stresses out when he realises he needs more money to get the restaurant finished after the contractors down tools. When Janine refuses to help out, Jean helps Ian get on with the decorating. Ian comes across a small safe hidden under the floorboards filled with cash. Quickly realising it’s Derek’s, Ian considers giving the money to Alice, but instead calls the builders saying he’s got the money to finish the work.

Roxy apologises to Kat for being harsh with her, but it’s clear that she’s more concerned that Kat will tell Alfie about the attempted robbery. As they talk, they’re interrupted by Janine who accuses a surprised Kat of seeing Michael. When Janine reveals that Roxy told her, Kat is furious and tempted to tell Alfie everything. When Kat later sees Alfie, much to Roxy’s relief she decides to keep her peace.

Michael’s relationship with Janine isn’t helped by Janine’s belief that he’s seeing Kat and they’re even more at loggerheads than ever. After another run in with Janine, Michael takes it out on Alice, who stands up to him and yells at him for being selfish and horrible. Realising he’s gone too far, Michael apologises to Alice.