Ian finds Lucy

Pat wakes up to find Steven trying to suffocate her with a pillow. Ian interrupts just in time and Pat chokes out that Steven knows where Lucy is. Steven does a runner and Ian calls Jane to tell her what has happened. Peter finds out that Steven has been on the Eurostar website and Ian rushes to the Eurostar terminal. Ian spots Lucy and Steven and begs Lucy to talk to him but she and Steven disappear into the crowd…

Ricky and Bianca wait at the hospital for news of Pat and exchange some affectionate banter. The pair are allowed in to see Pat and as they approach her bed they instinctively hold each other’s hands. Ricky is wistful about their marriage but he is disappointed when Bianca makes it clear that she can’t wait for the day that her boyfriend Tony is released from prison.

Clare turns on the waterworks and tells Bradley that she ‘unwittingly’ had an affair with a married man and he stole her dead mother’s jewellery. Bradley is completely sucked in by Clare’s lie and offers to go to Arnold’s house with her to retrieve the jewellery.

Also, Jase isn’t rattled when Sean starts a vendetta against him; Roxy faints.

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