Ian is horrified that Ben has lied in his statement. He reminds him that with a conviction already under his belt, if things go any further he’ll be sent back to prison. Ian tells Ben he needs to set things straight. Ben begs Ian not to tell, insisting Phil hates him. Ian is worried for Ben’s state of mind. Ian takes Ben to see Phil. A tearful Ben bolts from the room when a visibly beaten Phil enters.

Tanya sets about creating memory boxes for the children in case it’s bad news about the scan. Tanya returns to hospital for the results with Cora and Max. Cora comforts an equally terrified Max and makes it clear he has to hold it together for the family. Lauren turns up to support Tanya. As Tanya waits for the consultant she tells Max she’s not ready to hear the worst…

Heather is miserable when she tries on her hideous second-hand wedding dress, but tries to look on the bright side. Dot notices how Heather glows when she talks about her dream wedding dress from a shop in the high street. Later, a thrilled Heather takes a surprise delivery of the dress and is touched to realise that Dot has bought it for her.