Ian gets some worrying health news

In EastEnders, Ian is concerned about his health when the doctor wants to talk about his test results.

Ian attempts to make plans for his birthday, but is being hassled by the family to cal the doctor over his health check. Whitney has arranged a pancake day race in the Square. Ian gets ready for the race, but gets a worrying text from the doctor about his results. The race starts and a competitive Ian does his best to win, but ends up collapsing! Worried, Jane puts her foot down and makes a doctor’s appointment for Ian.

Denise is nervous awaiting the area manager to turn up to talk to her about her Gazette interview. When he arrives, Kim gets in first to defend her sister. But has she made things worse for Denise?

Tina gets home early after an accident with the bike and realises that Shirley has been up to no good! After confronting her sister, Tina is frustrated when Shirley admits she’s struggling to cope with Sylvie, suggesting they put her in another home.