Ian grows suspicious about Jane

Ian wants to start going to the gym with Jane, but he is confused when he phones up and finds out that Jane isn’t even a member. Jane goes to ‘the gym’ and Ian later sees Tamwar getting out of her car. Zainab tells Masood to have a ‘chat’ with Tamwar about his secretive behaviour with the computer. But what are he and Jane really up to?

Max gets drunk in the Vic and is offhand with Dot when she tells him that she’s worried about a depressed Bradley. Dot turns to Jack for help and Max tells Jack to stay away from his son. Max staggers over to Bradley’s, but a dismissive Bradley tells him to leave. Tanya and Jack are angry when they later find Max with Lauren and Abi. Tanya and Jack talk about the French move, but the girls overhear…

Billy asks Jay not to be rude to Dawn, although he empathises with how he’s feeling. Jay is upset when he sees Billy chatting with Dawn. He drowns his sorrows after getting hold of some beer and vows to drive Dawn out of Walford.

Also, Danielle gets a visit from the police when Ronnie tips off the market office after seeing her selling Mo’s dodgy stock.

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