*Hour-long episode*

On the morning of Lucy’s funeral, Ian asks an uncomfortable Max to go through his eulogy with him. Returning home, Ian is delighted when Christian arrives with Bobby, but gutted to realise that Jane stayed in Birmingham. As the family are about to leave for the funeral, Phil learns from Abi that Max was sleeping with Lucy and reveals all to a stunned Ian. Cindy’s back and counters Ian’s anger at her lack of a formal outfit by reminding him about his false alibi.

At the church, Ian loses it when Max steps in to carry Lucy’s coffin for an upset Peter. Revealing Max’s fling with Lucy to everyone, Ian throws Max out just as Jane arrives. Ian tells Jane he loves her and she returns his feelings, but insists they can’t go back to how they were. Denise is on the verge of leaving Ian after advice from Libby, but when Ian pleads with her to stay, she backs down. Meanwhile, Tamwar has found a card at the funeral that says “rot in hell”.

Dean’s decision to give Shirley a chance is short-lived when he turns up and she’s preoccupied by Stan’s meddling. Mick is still confused over Tina and Stan’s recent comments, asking Stan to leave. When Stan blurts out that it wasn’t him who tried to drown him when he was little, Mick loses it, throwing Stan into a bath. Home truths are revealed and Shirley intervenes, confessing that she was the one who tried to drown Mick…