Ian hits Lucy

Ian and Jane head off for a romantic night at a hotel, while devious Lucy excuses herself from going to the adventure park with Christian, Peter and Bobby by pretending she’s ill. Lucy’s party kicks off and the house gets completely trashed. A horrified Steven calls Ian, who rushes home with Jane. Ian has a blazing row with Lucy and when she hits him, he instinctively slaps her back. Minty gets a postcard from Hazel insisting that he moves on but he doesn’t want to give up on her. Heather encourages Minty when she realises the postcard is from a cruise ship that is docking in the Caribbean and Minty gets the wild idea of flying out to meet Hazel and begging her to come home. Max realises that the game is up when Tanya reveals she knows he hasn’t signed the papers transferring his shares over to her. Max pleads with Tanya that he’ll do whatever she wants to have her back and he signs the papers in front of her. Tanya is satisfied that she’s got what she wants at last, and to seal the deal, she leads Max up to the bedroom� Also, Heather’s evil mum Queenie turns up on the doorstep; Abi gets a new pet. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action