Ian is at his wit’s end with Lucy, who ends up shredding Ian’s invites to Buckingham Palace. Ian furiously accuses her of being a drama queen like her mum, but he regrets his words when he sees that Lucy’s genuinely upset. Ian promises to go to the adventure park with her and her brothers instead of seeing the Queen. But Ian does an about-face when Jane points out that they don’t need the paper invites for the palace, and Lucy is heartbroken.

Minty and Heather swot up on each other in preparation for the wedding magazine’s ‘Lurve Test’. Garry gets some back copies of the magazine to help them revise. Minty and Heather win the ‘Lurve Test’ but journalist Marni sees the back issues. Have they been caught out?

Phil is exasperated when Ben tries to get out of the boxing competition, but Jay does well and Phil suggests he take up boxing. Jase is angry with Phil for giving Jay ideas and Phil and Jase square up. Jack suggests they take it into the ring and the tension is diffused after a few punches, finally putting an end to their feud.

Also, Lucy posts a party invite on her internet social page; Abi loses her guinea pig.

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