Ian and Jane are horrified as the police ransack their house. Meanwhile, Janine is with Marsden and tells her that Ian confessed to murdering Archie then threw the laptop with the recording into the canal. Marsden interviews Ian, who refuses to answer any questions. When Marsden produces the laptop that has been found in the canal. Ian breaks down and confesses that he stole the laptop but he denies killing Archie. Marsden charges Ian with murder.

Stacey asks Bradley if it’s OK for Becca to stay but Bradley isn’t keen. Stacey gets angry and tells Bradley that Becca is a friend and she has nowhere else to go. Bradley doesn’t want Stacey to take responsibility for someone else when she is still fragile. Later, Stacey leaves Bradley a note to say she’s gone to get Becca. Bradley and Jean are concerned.

Denise teases Lucas about his ‘fan club’ at the community centre. Denise takes Lucas a sandwich at the community centre and is wound up when she sees Loretta’s outrageous flirting with Lucas. Denise storms home. Lucas is annoyed by Denise’s jealousy.

Also, Jack gets hold of Glenda’s address and offers to go with Ronnie to find her mother.

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