Ian is feeling spooked

Ian is spooked when he gets a text message from ‘Cindy’, but when an unasked-for delivery of 70 kilos of bacon turns up at the cafe, he starts to freak out. Ian calls ‘Cindy’s’ phone and he’s shocked when he hears it ringing in the house. Ian finds the phone in Jane’s coat pocket, with ‘Dead Man calling’ on the screen…

Kevin has decided to run away with Deano after realising that his son isn’t safe in Walford either from Sean or from a spell in prison. Kevin needs cash and he decides to take the money that he and Denise were saving to buy a house but, wracked with guilt, he breaks down on her. Denise comforts him, little realising the cause of Kevin’s upset.

Phil is back and he takes control of his businesses. He throws Roxy out of her room at the Vic, makes his presence felt at the Arches, and decides to get the video shop up and running as an investment for Ben. Phil has a flash of jealousy when he catches Roxy helping Ben with his homework and they argue and Ben gets upset.

Also, Billy tries to make the residents suspicious of Jase.

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