Ian is haunted by Pauline

Ian is fed up with his family’s lack of enthusiasm about moving into the Fowler house and he insists that they clean up the house fast as he’s got tenants signing a lease on their old house. Lucy is terrified when Lauren tells her that Pauline haunts the house and she refuses to move in while Pauline’s ashes are in the living room. Meanwhile, Phil has a word with Ian’s prospective tenants and they pull out of the deal!

Phil tells Peggy that he doesn’t want a fuss following his proposal and he insists that he and Stella won’t be rushing into a wedding. Peggy is sure that Stella is taking the engagement more seriously and she organises a champagne reception in the Vic. Meanwhile, Phil approaches Ben and insists that he doesn’t want any more lies and he offers to help with the bullying. Phil wants Ben to stand up for himself, but Stella warns him not to force Ben to be someone he’s not.

Dot is still fuming about having Yolande working in the launderette and she tells Yolande that Mr Papadopoulos has asked her to do both shifts, before declaring it’s too much for her and quitting the job. Dot is left feeling even more lonely when she gets a letter from Martin and Sonia, saying they will never return to the Square.

May embarks on her revenge plan and makes a few calls in an attempt to financially ruin Rob; Tanya is forced to do free perms for pensioners.

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