Ian wakes up on his birthday with a blinding hangover, as does Jane who was out on the town the night before. Ian is chuffed when Jane buys him a leather jacket from Stacey’s stall that he wanted. Ian holds his birthday party in the Vic and invites some of the local dignitaries. Ian ends up humiliating himself in front of everyone in the Vic – as well as the deputy mayor – when news gets out about his tattoo and he drops his trousers to show everyone!

Meanwhile, Peggy’s election poster has been sabotaged, but she cheers up at the prospect of doing some networking when Ian cuts a deal to hold his birthday party at the pub and mentions the deputy mayor will be coming along. Peggy has a war of words with Janine and is humiliated in front of the deputy mayor. Later, Peggy finds Janine in the Vic flat and can’t believe her gall when she tells her that she wants to get her hands on the pub!

Tamwar is stunned when he answers Zainab’s mobile and the caller hangs up and he discovers it was Syed. Tamwar phones Syed and tells him never to ring the family again.

Also, Patrick is concerned when Chelsea goes on a date with Theo.