Jane plucks up the courage to tell Ian about Lucy’s pregnancy and adoption plans. Ian doesn’t take the news well and insists that Lucy has an abortion. Ian storms out of the house and finds Dot in the Vic he spills the beans about the shocking news.

Becca has her eye on Max and she steals Abi’s house keys. Max returns home to find Becca lying naked on his dining room table covered in whipped cream and tinned fruit! Max throws Becca out and makes an excuse about the mess to a suspicious Carol. Later Abi finds a pair of lacy knickers behind the fridge and worries that Max is up to his old tricks.

Peggy is unhappy with the modern touches that Roxy has added to the Vic and she puts the Queen Vic bust back on the bar. Roxy doesn’t want a constant reminder of Archie’s murder and removes it. Peggy decides to play things Roxy’s way and she gets some advice from Billie and Whitney on how to make the Vic more youth-friendly.

Also, Lucas worries when Patrick insists the search for Owen is not over; Ricky and Bianca are horrified to learn that Liam has been placed at a rough school.

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