Ian struggles to come to terms with the revelation that there’s a new witness in Lucy’s murder case. The shock news goes all round the Square, as it’s front page on the local newspaper. Although Jane suggests phoning Keeble to find out what’s going on, Ian thinks they should all keep their heads down. Keeble turns up, admitting there is a new suspect and a new officer working on the case. The police arrive in Albert Square and are poised to make an arrest…

Phil learns from Ritchie that the police are planning on visiting the Square, telling Ben to get rid of a dodgy motor for him. Distracted by thoughts of Paul, Ben decides to show off, taking the car over to Blades. Ben’s left embarrassed when Phil snatches the keys back from him after he almost runs over Carol! Meeting up later, Ben and Paul kiss.

Dean pits Paul and Lola against each other in a cut-and-colour test to decide who will get the job at Blades. While Lola recruits Jay as her model, Paul gets more than he bargained for when Pam says she’ll take part!

Also, Max suggests to Carol they go out for one last ride on Jim’s motorbike after discovering she’s putting it up for sale.