Ian learns the awful truth about Lucy

Ian is keen to make amends to the twins after Peter overheard him telling Lucy that she was his favourite child. Wanting to reunite the Beales, Jane organises a family meal at the restaurant, persuading a hurt Peter to attend. When neither of the twins turn up, however, Ian is furious. Finding Peter waiting for Lucy in the Vic, he yells at him, causing Mick to throw Ian out. 

Denise confides in Shabnam about her decision to leave Ian and is grateful to her for listening. Preparing to tell Ian it’s all over, Denise chickens out, not able to do it to him. Ian is looking for a still missing Lucy when he’s confronted by police in the Square. Ian is told the horrifying news that Lucy’s body has been found on Walford Common…

Bianca and Kat encourage Whitney to stand up Lee, instead of letting his antics upset her. When Whitney bumps into Lee, she is cold as Lee tries to flirt with her. Meanwhile, Bianca is irritated when Nikki returns to the Square. Also, Aunt Babe is roped into helping with The Vic pool competition. Learning of Stan’s arrest, she warns him not to ruin his family’s new life.