Ian makes a play for Clare

Ian is flattered when Clare continues to flirt with him, but when Jane hints that she wants to spend some alone time with him he books dinner and a hotel room. Jane finds out that the room was a freebie and storms out, leaving Ian alone to get tipsy. Ian heads out to see Clare and invites her to dinner and a hotel! Dawn reminds Jase that Jay’s court case is coming up when he tells her he’ll be away for a while on a job in Manchester, but Jase is confident that she can cope. Jay is cornered by a menacing woman, who turns out to be Tegs’ mum Tina and she warns him against giving evidence in court. Charlie has had some replies to his lonely-hearts ad and he arranges a date with a woman called ‘Margaret’. Charlie sees Peggy in Fargo’s and when their dates don’t materialise, they realise that they have arranged to meet each other. The pair enjoy their evening, but Charlie is mortified when he accidentally brushes against Peggy’s bosom as they say goodbye! Also, Steven takes pity on a young homeless girl against Stacey’s advice; Tanya is stressed out when Lauren plays up at school. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action