Ian meets his stalker

Ian turns up at the park to meet ‘Cindy’ and he’s mystified when there’s no one there, but when he returns to his car he finds a note with an address on it. Ian arrives at a derelict tower block and heads to the top flat where he finds mysterious music and a room covered in pictures of him and Cindy. Ian finally comes face-to-face with his stalker – but who could it be?

Kevin is determined to stop Denise from leaving and he refuses to get out of the way of the taxi. Chelsea sees Deano and she steams over and punches him, furious that he tried to run away. After much pleading from Kevin, Denise agrees to stay but in revenge she feeds an unwitting Kevin a dinner made from scraps from the dustbin!

Jay is devastated to learn that Jase lied to him about his time in prison and he vents his fury by carving ‘LIAR’ on a bus stop. Jay is hauled down the local nick by the police and a regretful Jase collects him. A still furious Jay does a runner from home and Jase smashes a mirror in frustration.

Also, Jane thinks the missing Ian has gone to see Kathy’s grave in South Africa.

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