Ian and Martin search for a missing Cindy. In a terrible state, Ian heads to the police station, only to be flooded with relief when he finds Cindy outside. After bringing Cindy home, Jane takes Cindy aside to check she wasn’t harmed in any way. Although still angry with Ian, Liam encourages Cindy to make up with her family. Happy to have her home, Ian welcomes Cindy with open arms. Their reunion is interrupted by a journalist who tells Ian the police have a new witness in Lucy’s murder case.

Lee pretends everything is okay when Mick wants to know what he was arguing with Nancy about. Realising Lee is not quite right, Whitney encourages him to open up to her. Lee confesses that he’s been depressed but that he’s scared to see a doctor in case he loses his job. Grateful for Whitney’s support, Lee suggests she move in with him. Learning Lee has talked to Whitney, Nancy decides to be honest with him, admitting her seizures have increased.

Stacey and Martin discuss their future together. After the dramatic events with Cindy, Martin is given food for thought, telling Stacey he wants to be with her and have the baby. Frustrated with Martin for changing his mind yet again, Stacey eventually softens and they celebrate their future together.