Ian plots to remove Patrick from his life

Ian worries when Denise reveals that Patrick is recovering well. Left alone with Patrick after accompanying Denise to the hospital, Ian begs him not to tell Denise about Rainie. Patrick looks impressed and when Denise announces that Patrick is well enough to go home, Ian panics. Later, Ian tells Denise he’s talked to Anthony and Kim, who both think Patrick would be better off in a home.

Lauren confesses to Whitney that her plan to take things slowly with Dean didn’t happen, as she ended up in bed with him. Dean, meanwhile, is with Linda, attempting to patch things up with her. Instead, he makes things worse, leading Linda to insist that Dean stay away from her. Suggesting to Lauren that their relationship is only casual, Dean backtracks when she gets upset. At the Vic, Den tells Linda that he’s seeing Lauren, hoping it will make her jealous.

Jay promises to move with Abi when she goes to university, after she gets a place through clearing at Bolton University. Keen to celebrate Abi’s success, Max holds a family meal. Max is not impressed when Dot brings Charlie, and the meal gets even more strained when Abi confesses she didn’t get into her first choice university because of bad grades.