Mandy has spent the night at Pat’s. Pat points out to Mandy that Ian has a sensitive side. Mandy feels bad for ruining his car, but explains to Pat she’s suspicious when a man gives her attention and affection. Mandy brings Ian a bunch of flowers to apologise for her behaviour. Mandy and Ian have a big talk and agree that all they both want is to be loved. Mandy is stunned when Ian suggests they get married!

Tanya has another radiotherapy session and asks Lauren to talk to Roxy about dealing with a rep who is coming into the salon. Roxy reluctantly agrees, but only if Lauren will take Amy to playgroup. Lauren is left lumbered with a baby and Tanya’s shopping list and has lessons to get to. Later, Lauren’s due to meet Fat Boy, but instead opts to spend time with Tanya after her radiotherapy.

Whitney sees Lauren and tells her that her date with Tyler was a disaster. Whitney’s dismissive when Lauren thinks Whitney should go out with Fat Boy instead. Whitney is hurt when she hears Tyler telling Fat Boy she needs a psychiatrist. Whitney confronts Tyler then storms off. Fat Boy follows Whitney and Tyler’s gutted when Whitney grabs Fat Boy and kisses him…