Lauren and Whitney decide not to tell Lucy about seeing Ian in such a state, worried about breaking the news to her. Instead, Lauren tells Max and Tanya, who enlist Alfie’s help to search for Ian. Finding a barely recognisable Ian dossing down in an underpass, they convince him to come home and clean up before reuniting with Lucy. Instead of a warm and emotional welcome, when Lucy sees Ian she lets rip about the months of hardship he’s put her and Bobby through.

Anthony learns that Alice thinks he wants to try again with her after a mix up at the flower stall sees her receiving flowers. Anthony is worried about hurting her feelings and accidentally finds himself asking her out on another date. Joey is unimpressed when he finds out and tells Derek, who vows to end their ‘relationship’ once and for all.

Lola is fed up with her two mates Ben and Jay being at odds with each other and she tries to get them to make things up. Although Ben and Jay decide to be civil to each other, they agree that it is only for baby Lexi’s benefit. Ben is devastated when Jay insists that they can never be real friends again.