Ian rumbles Pauline’s exit plan

*First episode*

Ian heads over to Pauline’s on Christmas morning to see if his family is still welcome for Christmas dinner and he’s shocked to see his aunty sitting alone in the house, passport and suitcases in hand.

Ian, and later Dot, beg Pauline not to go but Pauline is determined. Meanwhile, Martin asks Sonia to marry him and they agree to a fresh start. Sonia secretly pays a visit to Pauline as she has something to say.

Jean turns up at the Slaters for Christmas lunch and reminisces about past Christmases with Sean and Stacey and their father. Stacey receives a present from Max and Tanya and heads off to thank them. Stacey gets Max alone and tells him that she won’t be satisfied until she gets what she wants – him!

Later, Stacey gets drunk at the Vic and Peggy chucks her out and she heads back to the Slaters and smashes up the Christmas decorations. A worried Max arrives on the doorstep and when Stacey kisses him, he doesn’t resist…

Ben is busy going through his Christmas present from Stella, which is a large box of practical jokes. Minty and Garry are grumpy at playing Santa and elf and even grumpier when they’re sent up on the roof to investigate the chimney after the fire starts smoking. Minty falls off the ladder and injures his ankle – a horrified Abi bursts in and announces that Santa looks dead!

Also, Billy and Honey await news of the baby’s operation.

*Second episode, 9pm*

Sonia tells Pauline that Martin has asked her to marry him and she accuses Pauline of leaving Walford to hurt him. Sonia wants to know why Pauline hates her so much and they end up in a violent row.

Sonia leaves the house, while an injured Pauline heads out to give Rebecca her Christmas present. But she doesn’t make it and she collapses and dies in the Square…

Phil decides to step in as Santa following Minty’s fall, while Peggy frets that Minty might sue them! Peggy asks Stella to play something festive on the piano and a naughty Ben puts a whoopee cushion on the stool. Stella is mortified and shoots Ben a look of pure venom.

Max gets himself together and tells Stacey that sleeping together was a big mistake. A stunned Stacey threatens to tell Tanya and Bradley what happened between them, but Max begs her to keep it quiet. Bradley makes up with Max and Stacey is stunned to see the Brannings reunited. A panicky Max tells Stacey to keep their liaison a secret as they might as well carry it on.

Also, Billy phones Peggy from hospital, worried about Janet but he and Honey learn that Janet is going to be OK.