Ian searches for Jane at Christian’s

Ian prepares for Lucy’s funeral, but when he has to deliver her funeral outfit, it’s all too much and he flees. Heading to Birmingham, Ian visits Christian to find Jane, as he doesn’t know if she’s coming to the funeral. Seeing Ian’s distress, Christian promises that they will both be there to support him. After Ian leaves, Jane comes out of hiding, telling Christian she’s not sure she can face it.

Determined to bring Dean back into the family for Shirley’s sake, Mick has some unexpected help from Stan who tricks Dean into a meeting. Although Mick tries his best to talk round Dean, he can’t get Dean to promise anything. In a new development, Mick is shaken when Tina says something about their childhood that doesn’t add up and he sets out to discover the truth.

Linda’s determined not to be beaten when the decorators cancel, rallying the girls to paint the outside of the Vic. When Johnny later gets stuck on how to plan the comedy night at the club, Linda lends a hand. She’s taken aback when she discovers Johnny has been looking at gay clubs online.

Also, Abi calls Max a hypocrite when she finds him comforting Ian, as she knows about his affair with Lucy.