Ian sends Jane on holiday

Peter thinks Lucy and Ian are selfish for not telling Jane the truth about Lucy’s abortion. Ian panics when Jane says she’s not sure about going to America. Lucy turns on the crocodile tears and tells Jane she can’t revise with Jane around as she worries that Jane is upset about the baby. Ian is relieved when Jane packs for Florida.

Masood returns to the family home and makes up with Zainab. Masood asks Jane to help out with the catering for an event at the community centre and he’s frustrated when Zainab gets upset. Masood and Jane talk about their family troubles and Jane is shocked when Masood brings up their kiss and asks if he can go to Florida with her.

Ben takes the bottle of whisky to a workshop at the community centre. Louise tags along and Ben tells her he doesn’t want her in his group. Jordan is impressed when Ben produces the whisky and they secretly swig it in the playground. Lucas catches the boys and sends Ben home while Jordan takes the blame.

Also, Ronnie can’t claim the insurance unless she can prove a qualified electrician worked on the club electrics; Syed is desperate to get a job.

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