Ian smashes up the cafe!

Ian is in a state and refuses to hand the cafe keys over to Tanya, who has come to collect them for Jane. Tanya later sees Ian smashing up the cafe and throwing plates around. Tanya tells Ian his mum Kathy would be gutted to see what he’s doing. Ian sheepishly clears up the cafe and takes the neon Kathy sign back home.

Jack saves Ronnie from the disapproving eyes of the locals when she chases after Amy, who has run out into the Square. Jack pulls Amy and Ronnie into his flat. Ronnie tries to tell Jack she’s sorry. Jack insists he’ll never forgive her for denying him the chance to say goodbye to their son. Jack broods about Ronnie and visits her later. Ronnie tells Jack she loves him. Jack says he wants her back home.

Syed and Christian are due to see the social worker about adopting, but things get off to a bad start when they oversleep. Then Christian finds out Jane has left the Square and he and Syed get into an argument about their dysfunctional families. The interview goes well, against the odds, and Christian and Syed are told they are promising candidates.

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