Ian tells Janine he’s dumped the laptop in the canal but Janine has saved the recording and wants £10,000 not to tell the police. Jane thinks they should pay because if Ian’s arrested on suspicion of murdering Archie, it will jeopardise their adoption plans. Ian gives a furious Janine just £500. Later, a social worker visits the Beales to talk about adopting. The Beales order champagne in the pub but their celebrations are halted when Ian is confronted by DCI Marsden.

Stacey visits her friend Becca in the psychiatric hospital and learns that Becca is planning to move into a halfway house. Back in Walford, Stacey encourages a reluctant Bradley to go to the Vic reopening to avoid any suspicion. Stacey texts Becca and invites her to stay with her when she leaves the psychiatric unit.

Lucas invites Denise to accompany him to meet Loretta, the chairwoman of the church fundraising committee. Denise turns him down but when Lucas forgets his bag Denise pops over to the community centre to give it to him. Denise is taken aback when she finds a very glamorous Loretta flirting with her husband!

Also, Ronnie is thinking about Glenda and she asks Jack to help find her.

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