Ian swindles Lucy!

Lucy wants Ian to sell Scarlett’s to pay off his debt to Carl. Although Ian agrees, he obviously has no intention of selling. When Joey has a go at Ian for hurting Lucy, Ian points out that Joey is leading her on. Taking a girl with him to the cafe, Joey tells a gutted Lucy that it’s over between them. Ian spots his chance, asking an upset Lucy to sign some papers. Ian takes the forms to his solicitor – he’s tricked Lucy into signing the businesses back to him.

Unable to get Max to answer her calls, Kirsty resorts to asking Abi to speak to him for her. Abi tells Max, warning him not to let Kirsty back into his life. When Carl propositions Kirsty, she insists she’s not interested, prompting Carl to ask Kat for a drink instead. Kirsty later tries again with Max, who makes it clear he won’t take her back.

Worried she’ll let slip about the fire, Jean is edgy after Peter asks her to return to the restaurant. Kat insists Jean doesn’t have to go back, suggesting she head to the allotment to calm down. Finding a talkative Ollie, Jean snaps at him, feeling guilty when she later discovers he’s done her weeding and left an apology note.