Tanya talks to Sean about her plans for Max and Max is suspicious when he sees them talking. Tanya posts Sean a letter with the address that she needs him to go to the following evening. Tanya asks Bradley to take the girls ice-skating on Friday evening, while she has a romantic dinner with Max. Later, in bed, Max tries it on with Tanya but she tells him to wait until tomorrow. Minty struggles with his feelings for Heather and when Garry guesses he visits Heather and blurts out that he’s pulling out of the wedding. Heather and Minty have a heart-to-heart and Heather suggests that they make a fresh start and try to win the wedding competition. Heather admits to Minty how mean her mum has been to her in the past and Minty gives her the courage to tell Queenie to leave. Jane forces Ian to admit to the police that he hit Lucy the night she ran away. The police tell Ian that they are questioning a homeless girl who was seen with a girl matching Lucy’s description. Ian breaks down on Jane, desperate about his little girl. Also, Ben thinks Phil is dating Shirley; Zainab still holds out hope that Jalil will fall for Shabnam. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action