Ian is grateful when Lucy lets him take Bobby to school. After dropping him off he takes Sharon to the cafe, as she’s fretting about Denny’s first day at school. As Sharon gets into a spat with Tanya, a panicky Ian rushes back to the school, remembering he forgot to give Bobby his apple. When Masood finds a strung-out Ian at the school gates he gently suggests Ian needs counselling. Ian realises he’s right.

Kat is reluctant when Alfie suggests she move into the bed and breakfast after revealing the Vic needs fumigating because they have bed bugs. Before she goes, Kat stuffs the bandage with the love message from her lover into a bag of laundry. With her feelings for her mystery man growing, Kat spends an afternoon with him at the bedsit. Kat realises there’s no way out of this mess without breaking someone’s heart.

Tanya calls Max, fed up that he wasn’t about to take Oscar to his first day of school. Max insists he’s stuck on the motorway, but he’s standing outside a strange flat. As he’s about to ring the bell he pulls back and instead posts an envelope through the letterbox before turning away and getting back into his car.