Ian wants to hold a party for Bobby’s birthday, but is stuck without a venue when the fuse box blows at the cafe. Denise offers to hold the party at the B and B instead. Ian misreads the signals and tries to kiss Denise, who is furious and ends the party.

Tanya searches for her contraceptive pills. Greg notices and she pretends she’s lost the salon keys. It becomes clear Greg thinks the contraceptive pills are Lauren’s. Tanya grounds Lauren, and meets up with Max, telling him about the pills. He tells her to meet him at the tube station. Lauren appears with Tanya’s pills. Tanya asks her if Greg knows and Lauren tells her she said the pills were hers.

Vanessa quizzes Max about the company accounts and accuses him of having a bit-on-the-side, but Max wriggles out of it. Later, Poppy comments on how Tanya has been to the suppliers a lot and Vanessa grows suspicious. Vanessa is heading home when she is pounced on by a hoodie who steals her bag. Vanessa tries to call Max, but he’s busy in bed with Tanya and misses the calls.

Also, Ryan deals drugs at the club. Carol helps Eddie find premises to rent in Walford.