Ian tries to pay off Craig

Lucy tells the police that she hasn’t slept with Craig, but they reassure Ian that they will speak to him. Ian is fuming when he hears the police have let Craig off with a caution and decides to take matters in to his own hands…

Keith and Mickey are thrilled to see Dawn when she arrives back from Rosie’s and she tells them how well Demi is coping with Alyeesha. Somehow Dawn doesn’t seem to be enjoying motherhood as much as her sister does…

Meanwhile, Deano tells Chelsea that he wants out of their plan as he can’t watch Carly go through this, but she manipulates him into changing his mind and says she is going to leave Walford so Sean can’t find her.

Ian makes Craig a final offer – £300 and stay away from Lucy forever.

When Lucy find outs she is furious with Ian and screams at him to leave her alone. Craig pulls up in his car and Lucy demands to see the money. She takes it and threatens to tell the police about his gun if Craig doesn’t hand it over.

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