Ian tries to seduce Clare!

Ian is full of anticipation when Clare comes to the house. When Clare seductively talks about massage, Ian bolts upstairs to change into some more attractive underpants in preparation! Clare ‘accidentally’ spills wine down her top and goes upstairs to change. Ian strips off to his pants, ready for his massage. Ian is embarrassed when Clare insists he got the wrong idea, while Jane returns home and almost walks in on them. Max is pleasantly surprised when Tanya lets the girls spend the evening with him and when Tanya later returns to pick them up, Max encourages her to join in with their karaoke. Tanya is talked into singing a romantic duet with Max. Later, Tanya calls a thrilled Max and agrees to go to Abi’s parent-teacher evening with him. Max is sure that he’s making progress with his estranged wife. Dawn is terrified when Tegs’ nasty mum Tina turns up at the house and threatens her. Mickey and Keith ungallantly leave Dawn to deal with Tina alone. Dawn finds her voice when Tina breaks one of Summer’s toys and she turns on Tina, who does a runner. Also, Charlie keeps quiet about his secret sweet eating, despite being labelled a groper; Jean tells Steven a secret about Stacey. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action