Ian realises he’s on his own after his attempt to persuade Phil to help him with Willmott Brown fails. He realises the only option is to confront the evil rapist himself. As he comes face-to-face with Willmott Brown he tries to get him to face up to what he did. A manipulative Willmott Brown tries to put doubts in Ian’s mind. Ian won’t back down but will he go too far?

Aidan is still on a mission to recruit people for the job. When Phil finds Aidan loitering around Ben, however, he puts him in his place and insists that Ben will not be involved. Aidan gathers everyone in The Albert. Vincent and Phil are not happy to find out that Aidan’s recruited Keanu as well. Meanwhile, Bernadette has got a job as a glass collector at The Albert and is hanging around. When Vincent finds out, he’s concerned that she may have overheard their plan…

Robbie is miffed with Donna after he ends up being the butt of her jokes yet again. He also accidentally lets on that he’s got a meeting about the market – and it might close down in the New Year.

Also, Jack encourages Max to let go of the past.