Ian’s grand opening is a disaster!

Ian prepares for the grand opening of his new restaurant, beaming proudly at the well-heeled guests. There’s a storm on the horizon, however, when Lucy discovers the business account is overdrawn. Ian is introduced to Lister’s investor friend, Danny Pennant, not realising he’s the same Danny that pursued Syed. When the restaurant name is unveiled, Ian’s stunned to see Janine’s changed the name to ‘Scarlett’s’. Ian is then confronted by a furious Lucy, who realises Ian has been forging cheques from her account.

Michael is suspicious to learn that Janine wants him to go to the restaurant opening to see Scarlett. Michael dares to believe Janine when she insists she wants to call a truce for Scarlett’s sake. Helping Janine into her car, Michael is devastated when Janine tells him she’s taking Scarlett and leaving. She’s changed the name of the restaurant to ‘Scarlett’s’ so Michael will be reminded every day of the child he’ll never see.

Lauren’s waitressing job at the restaurant opening is going well – until she sees Joey -sending her straight back to the bottle. After knocking a drink over investor Danny, Ian fires Lauren for mouthing off. Taking Lauren back home, Max and Tanya are horrified to discover empty bottles stashed under Lauren’s bed.

Also, Peter Beale returns for the restaurant opening.