Ian’s on the trail of ‘Cindy’

Ian logs into Lucy’s computer to get to the bottom of who has been sending her emails and he sends a few to ‘Cindy’ in Lucy’s name. Ian is freaked out when he gets a whiff of Cindy’s favourite perfume and he finds ‘I’m back, Ian’ written on the hall mirror, but when Jane comes to look, the message has mysteriously gone. Ian thinks that he’s got to the bottom of who has been stalking the family and he decides to pay a visit to Cindy’s sister Gina.

Peggy brings Ben back to the Vic, but Ben overhears Ronnie and Roxy talking about Phil’s drinking. Phil makes an effort to bond with Ben and buys them a model plane to build but it’s clear that he can’t keep himself sober when he secretly swigs from a hip flask.

Jase is desperate to find a way to make more money and when Billy accidentally breaks the fruit and veg stall, Honey urges Billy to let Jase fix it. Billy grudgingly agrees, but he fails to offer Jase any money and Honey angrily forces him to give Jase some cash.

Also, Sean sneaks into the Wicks’s and chops off Chelsea’s hair while she sleeps; Denise and Chelsea lose their jobs.

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