Ian’s revelation stuns Kathy!

Kathy gets nostalgic after helping Ian out at the cafe. Feeling torn, Kathy tells Ben she’s not sure she can go through with their plan. Horrified, Ben reminds Kathy that they need to do this to save Phil. After being confronted by a threatening Gavin, Kathy returns to the Beales’ to find Ian preparing a family meal. When Kathy tells Ian she can’t accept the money, Ben storms out, causing Ian to fear Kathy is leaving again. Ian breaks down, telling Kathy that Bobby killed Lucy.

Kim puts on a brave face around Vincent. Seeing straight through her sister, Denise confronts Kim, demanding to know what’s really going on. After Kim confesses that Vincent’s mystery woman is Ronnie, Denise rows with Roxy about her sister. Following Pam’s advice, Kim puts Vincent in his place, only for Vincent to up and leave! Meanwhile, Ronnie tries to build bridges with Roxy after realising that Roxy defended her to Denise.

Pam reels from Les’s confession and debates whether she can stand by her husband. Meanwhile, Lee is offered a permanent job at the Car Lot after his first day there is a great success.