Ibiza comes to the Queen Vic

Deano returns from the hospital with a swollen face to gossip that Sean was behind his attack. Carly dismisses the rumours and visits Sean, but she’s stunned when he admits that he had Deano beaten up. Carly finds Deano and angrily reveals that she’s going to grass Sean up. Deano is frightened by the attack and wants to hand the CCTV tape showing the real attacker into the police, but Chelsea catches him and begs him not to.

Ronnie and Roxy are conned into buying a box of Smiley Face T-shirts from Mo and they decide to hold an Ibiza night to get rid of them. Mo turns up for the ‘rave’ in full rave gear and the party goes with a swing. But Ronnie and Roxy’s fun is spoiled by the return of a very angry Peggy, who can’t believe what’s going on!

Minty plans to propose to Hazel properly but he gets nervous when Roxy is scathing about his engagement ring. Minty isn’t sure how to propose but Roxy forces the issue by dropping the ring into a glass of sangria at the ‘rave’. Minty presents the drink to Hazel but she ends up nearly choking on it!

Also, Libby is upset when Darren fails to return to Walford.

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