If there’s anything I can’t stand

Susan fails to realise that her new neighbours, Bob and Lee, are a gay couple and makes a blunder when she assumes that ‘Raphael’ is another man – it’s their dog! Susan tries to make up by bringing Lee some ‘homemade’ cookies – but Lee rejects the gesture when she admits she actually bought them.

When Julie brings Raphael home, Susan decides to keep the dog, certain that Bob and Lee will think she’s a hero when she returns him. But the plan backfires when the dog runs out, covered in Mike’s paint, and ruins Bob’s expensive suit. When Susan says she just wants them to like her, Bob says he can’t afford any more apologies.

Lynette’s sex drive returns but Tom is put off by her bald head, so Lynette surprises Tom with a sexy red wig, introducing herself as ‘Brandy’. But when Tom buys a black wig hoping for a night with ‘Brandy’s sister Candy’, Lynette is offended that she’s not enough – but Tom admits that it was nice to pretend she wasn’t sick.

Andrew surprises Bree by throwing a baby shower – and inviting Rex’s mother Phyllis. But when Phyllis stumbles upon Bree’s false pregnancy stomachs, Bree is forced to admit that Danielle is the one who’s pregnant. An angry Phyllis runs downstairs to reveal all but, on seeing Bree’s stricken expression, makes an excuse to leave.

Also, Carlos and Gaby are frantic to discover that Edie has caught crabs, and Katherine’s elderly aunt Lily comes to stay.