It’s the aftermath of the Christmas street party disaster as it’s revealed who perished when the plane crashed into Wisteria Lane. Although Bree is injured, she finds out the shocking news that her husband Orson is likely to be paralysed for the rest of his life, and her lover Karl has died.

Angie’s left in a dilemma when she’s told it’s touch and go whether nurse Mona will live. She’d really rather be rid of this busybody who was blackmailing her not to report the murder secret from Angie’s past. Angie’s delighted when she hears at the end of the episode that Mona hasn’t made it.

Gaby and Carlos are relieved that their daughter Celia is going to recover and patch up their differences with Lynette, who dived across and saved Celia from the plane’s propellor in the nick of time. Lynette, however, is distraught when she learns that she’s lost the boy twin she was expecting.

Each housewife in hospital dreams of what life might have been in the future. If Susan had stayed married to unfaithful Karl, she sees herself getting fat and unhappy. And if Bree had continued her affair and then married with Karl, it wouldn’t have ended pleasantly either. Gaby imagines putting all her energies into making Celia a star child actor and we see her as an awful professional mum with long grey hair and living in poverty after Carlos has left her. Lynette looks ahead and sees a difficult life with a disabled son who eventually makes her and Tom proud at his graduation day in 16 years’ time. Finally, Angie’s look into the possible future showed her at a murder trial facing the family of her victim. He was a dad she killed for a ‘cause’ with her former lover Patrick Logan.