Sean decides to make it clear to Violet and Jamie that they can’t just assume that Jamie will become his baby’s father. Marcus urges Sean to consult a solicitor to sort out his rights. Violet is unimpressed with Sean’s complaint and the most she will agree to is to let him be number one babysitter. An angry Sean tells Violet that he’ll see her in court!

Claire tells a delighted Ashley to collects his things from Audrey’s and move back into the house. Claire is touched when Ashley presents her with a gold necklace and tells her that he wanted to give her something that would last for ever. Sally and Kevin offer to babysit for the night and they encourage the loved up couple to have a romantic night out.

Rosie enjoys her power over John and she continues to flirt with schoolboy Lee to make him jealous. Rosie tells John that she’ll dump Lee if he agrees to go out with her again. John is unable to resist and he agrees to meet up with her later that afternoon.

Also, Rita warns Norris not to make a fool of himself over Doreen but Norris refuses to listen to his friend’s advice.