‘I’m going back to work, Daniel!’

Daniel feels put out when Zara announces she’s arranged to see some child-minders later with the intention of going back to work in the near future. Zara’s defensive; she’s only looking into the idea but Daniel can’t believe she’d want to return to work so soon. Zara pops into work to have a word with Julia about returning to work part time in a few weeks.

Julia’s surprised but Zara explains that it gives her the best of both worlds, which is what she needs and Julia is more than happy to oblige. However, when Zara tells Daniel the good news he can’t understand why she’s in such a rush to leave Joe. Zara retaliates by saying that he’s ‘not willing to give up work is he?’ and storms off.

Kevin is still bruising from his run-in with Heston and has little patience for Freya’s whining about Mandy. He advises her to take an honest look at herself and thinks she’s just afraid to be happy. Giving her food for thought, Freya bites the bullet and tries to make it up to Mandy.

She prepares an elaborate picnic and whisks her away from work but Mandy doesn’t make it easy for Freya to apologise. She was really hurt by Freya’s actions and Freya finally opens up, revealing her true feelings for Mandy. The pair reunite with a kiss.

Also, a dying man is reunited with his son but Elaine realises all is not as it seems.