I’m in love with you, Janae!

Janae supports Ned as he searches for Mickey with no luck. Emotionally exhausted after a long distressing day, Ned finally plucks up the courage to tell Janae he’s in love with her.

As the Robinson family continue to deal with Rebecca’s claim that Paul is Oliver’s biological dad, Paul asks Elle how intimate she and Oliver have been. He’s relieved when Oliver lies and tells him there’s nothing to worry about, but worries when Elle breaks down and admits she cannot stop loving Oliver.

In an effort to protect his daughter, Paul confronts Rebecca, only to experience an unexpected return of amorous feelings as they remember their long-ago weekend of passion.

In an attempt to spare Sky the grief of having to deal with his deteriorating medical condition, Caleb tries to drive her away, enlisting Boyd to break the news. But Boyd can’t lie to Sky and tells her the truth. After an emotional meeting, Sky and Caleb decide to temporarily separate to keep their sanity.

Feeling guilty for manipulating Mickey, Declan decides to use the boy for one last crime before letting him return home. But when things go wrong, Mickey is left trapped inside a house with the alarm ringing.