Dylan confesses to an incredulous Sky that he took baby Kerry and that he probably saved the tot’s life after he found her in a passed-out Stingray’s arms in the cold of night. Sky decides not to report Dylan to the police, providing he drops his claim to be Kerry’s dad, but Dylan refuses, insisting that a DNA test will prove him right.

When a stricken Karl reveals there’s a small chance that Dylan could be the father, a devastated Sky announces her decision to put baby Kerry through a paternity test. Janelle is shocked at Karl’s revelation and warns him that if the test comes back proving he was wrong, she will make him pay for his mistake.

Secretly wanting Stingray to be Kerry’s real dad, Elle panics when Dylan reveals he’s confessed all to Sky, but knows if she wants to be with Dylan she has little choice but to support his claims. Later, when Elle gives Will a hand behind the bar, Lyn notices how well they’re getting on and wonders if Elle and Dylan are right for each other.

Harold and Loris’s romantic first date together is almost ruined when she learns her husband wants a divorce, Loris soon cheers up, and realises what a good man she has in Harold.